Monday, August 13, 2012

An Account of the fight at Charlestown

An account of the Boxing Match at Brigand's Grove, Charlestown Indiana 2012.
The match was set for 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The opponents were the undefeated champion of the ring "Seamus McNancy" known as the "Bristol Beauty". He had slashed down the "Boston Basher" in a previous match in a great display of the science, but was accused only the day before of throwing a fight to a lady challenger. He was eager to prove that he was still the best in the ring and set to finding a   man to engage.
 His challenger would be the young John Kingsbury who was given the nickname "The Hare" for his quick fists. Would it be enough to take down Seamus who was the heavy favorite out weighing his opponent by 5 stone. 

 The men entered the ring. Bets had been taken there was talk of the fight being fixed. 

Round First -- Milling - McNancy went to work keeping the Hare on his toes. Kingsbury struck back with a flurry of punches landing one on McNancy's nob. McNancy countered with some furious blows to the stomach of the Hare, dropping him to the sod.

 Second -- The Hare at the scratch instantly danced back expecting a big shot from McNancy. McNancy, taking advantage charged forward delivering excellent blows to Kingsbury sending him to the ropes. Kingsbury furiously tried covering his retreat but was again aquatinted with the sod.

Third -- McNancy attacked with precision sending the Hare back on his heals. Kingsbury recovers. Flurry of punches by Kingsbury. Fighters lock up and work each others sides. Crowd shouting! 
Fall by Kingsbury.

 Fourth -- Punch from McNancy as Hare retreats. Then a swirl of punches from Kingsbury. McNancy retreating to the ropes. The crowd roaring! "Come on Seamus!" "Get him Hare!" McNancy pushed by the crowd back off the ropes into a severe whack to the nob by Kingsbury. McNancy went down and was undermost. A great display by Kingsbury.

Remarks -- Both men fought well in this contest. Upon winning Kingsbury pulled the sash off of McNancy raising it above his head. Great applause from the audience. A fight was started outside the ring by two men who had betted against one another. Pistols were chosen and the two men paced off. The man who had put his money on the Hare was killed in the duel. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A review: Boxiana:Volume II by Pierce Egan

You may be wondering why I am starting with volume 2. The fact of the matter is that the bookstore didn't have volume 1.

This book has been like getting in a time machine and going to the distant past. The accounts of boxers and fights are EXTENSIVE! A wealth of insight into this world of fisticuffs.
Here is a sample of the round by round commentary by the Author.

Round First.-Cautious sparring for half a minute; Hall on his gaurd ; Sampson made play ; closed ; Sampson fibbed Hall ; a few blows ; but in trial of strength Sampson thrown.

It continues like this. This particular fight between Bill Hall and "Sampson" lasted for 91 rounds with Hall being the victor. It is a thrilling account and thrilling to read.